The backbone of our long term relationship with our clients.

We are a forward looking, technology oriented company, committed to regular up-gradation of manufacturing and testing techniques to produce improved quality products in a continually improved environment.

Quality Control Process

We believe that every product has its own life. Every unique design has its own manufacturing challenges, right from the casting process till finishing & assembly of the product. And therefore, every product requires its own set of quality testing parameters. Keeping in mind the product range that we make, we have developed a Quality Control Team that checks every product at multiple stages of the process to help us bring the rejection levels to the minimum amount possible, till the product reaches the final packing stage.

Through this process, there are a number of equipments that are continuously required by the Quality Control Team in order to achieve their goals. Below are few equipments that we have installed in-house and we are continuously looking to incorporate as many advanced equipments that are required for testing, according to industry needs.

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